Lots of Chinese manufacture here, including former Japanese companies, Daikin and Fujitsu.

There are alternatives, even including some made in Australia, so look around and CHECK THE BOX.


Made in Japan, Malaysia, Phillipines, India and China – CHECK THE BOX.

Kelvinator (Owned by Electrolux)

Made in Australia, S.E. Asia and China – CHECK THE BOX


Made in Korea, but Chinese content suspected.


Made in Korea but were expanding into China. Has recently relocated the manufacturing of some of its products from China.

Mitsubishi Electric

Made in Scotland, Japan, Thailand and ChinaCHECK THE BOX.


Supposedly the world’s No 1 manufacturer, but no longer available in Australia.

Pioneer (Owned by Parker-Davis)

Australia, US, Asia


Struggling to survive. Air Conditioners made in China.


Now a Chinese company. Plants in Japan, Thailand, Australia, US, India, S.E. Asia and China – CHECK THE BOX.

Fujitsu (Owned by China’s Lenovo)

Made in Japan, Indonesia and China.

Made In China


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Midea make air conditioners under their own brand and also Esatto. Also own Toshiba Home Appliances.

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