Whilst car imports from China were relatively minor in 2016 (see below), recent reports suggest that annual sales growth is up to 50%. Chinese companies are also involved in the supply of parts to many of the world’s major manufacturers, as well as joint ventures and the development of their own brands. China has recently announced a push into electric vehicle manufacture.



Some parts from China, but manufactured all over the world. Quite a few surprises here, e.g., some Harley – Davidson parts Made In China and some BMW engines Made In China. Check the Compliance Plate. Yamaha Made in Japan and US Kawasaki Made in Japan, US, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh …

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Motor Vehicles


Motor vehicle origins in Australia in 2016 were below Thailand 23,800 units Japan 23,300 units Korea 12,700 units Australia 6,950 units Germany 6,600 units USA 4,100 units UK 3,000 units Spain 1,500 units South Africa 1,100 units Czech Republic 800 units China 237 units Whilst car imports from China were …

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Many parts and low-end models Made In China, but Japan, Taiwan and Italy are the obvious alternatives – check the Compliance Plate. Yamaha Made in Japan and China. Suzuki Made in Japan, India, Spain, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand and US Honda Made in Japan, Thailand, Mexico etc. Also a joint …

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