Mainly Taiwan, but some parts from China.


Mainly Taiwan, but some parts from China.


No longer make laptop computers; sold to Sharp.

Sharp (majority owned by Foxconn, Taiwan)

Moving out of appliances and into high-end devices. Considering moving computer manufacture out of China for US-bound products, because of US tariffs.

Vaio (Owned by Sony)

Premium brand. Some made in China, but looking at moving to India.


Made in Sth Korea, Poland, Mexico etc. monitors made in China. Has relocated the manufacturing of some of its products from China.


Lots of parts from China. Assembled in US, Mexico and Ireland. Together with HP and Microsoft, were reported to be planning a concerted move out of China, but Covid seems to have stalled it.


Were to move from China to Thailand or Taiwan. However, see Dell above.


Were to move from China to Thailand and Indonesia, however see Dell above.


Still have two chip plants in China but have just closed their last PC plant in China.


MacPro made in the US, but the bulk of Apple’s manufacturing remains in China. They have been encouraging suppliers such as Foxconn, Delta Electronics and Pegatron to move production out. Foxconn is investing up to $1 billion to expand a plant in India, while other contractors are setting up in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. (Source: Nikkei).


Made in India with approx. 75% Chinese parts.


Made in India. Batteries from China. Rumoured to be dying.


Heavy involvement in China, initially for cost reasons, then to chase the Chinese market.

Made in China

Fujitsu (Owned by China’s Lenovo)

Lenovo (banned by Defence Australia)

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