Lots of alternatives to China if you look around and CHECK THE BOX.

Avoid the obvious Chinese brands such as Hisense, Haier and former NZ company, Fisher & Paykel.


Owns AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Euromaid and Dishlex. Many products made at their Adelaide “kitchen” plant – CHECK THE BOX.

Westinghouse (Owned by Electrolux)

Made in Australia, Europe, S.E. Asia, Thailand, Turkey and China – CHECK THE BOX.

Kelvinator (Owned by Electrolux)

Made in US, Europe, S.E. Asia, Romania, China and Australia – CHECK THE BOX.


Major company with plants in South Korea, India, Mexico, Poland, Indonesia and Russia. Low-cost products made in China, otherwise US, Sth Korea etc – CHECK THE BOX.


Some products made in China, but also Sth Korea, Sweden, Sth Africa, US, Thailand and Vietnam – CHECK THE BOX.


Like most worldwide brands, parts, assembly etc can be almost anywhere – CHECK THE BOX.

Made In China

CHiQ 2


Chinese company, products made in China, Germany and Hungary.


Chinese company; owns GE Appliances, amongst others.

Fisher & Paykel (Owned by China’s Haier)

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