Limited choice in this category, but worth looking around.


UK company making toasters and kettles, mainly in China, but their 46355 toaster is reportedly still made in England.


French company manufacturing in France and China.


Well respected company. Products still designed and engineered in Australia, but mostly made in China.

De Longhi

Italian company, still design and engineer their products in Italy, but most made in China.


Australian company, products mainly from China.

Made in China

Morphy Richards


Smith + Nobel

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  1. Most steel goods are now made in China, such as letterboxes and parcelboxes. The big companies such as Milkcan and Sandleford are all made in China despite their maps and flags and being “Australian owned”. Some smaller companies make high quality products here with similar costs (cost per kg or cost per litre) to the Chinese rubbish. For example the parcelboxes from my company Deliver-Eze are far cheaper as they last far longer, only need buying/installing once, take far larger parcels saving much wasted time going to the post office thanks to our world leading secure mechanism, and also are designed for parts to be replaced far in the future. We came from the car industry and are certified by Australian Made. Another recent competitor also certified Australian Made is Heatlie in Adelaide. Some small letterbox companies seem to make their units here, and others sell a mix of Australian and Chinese made letterboxes. I believe Robert Plumb letterboxes come from China despite their very high price for a simple metal box. Australianparcelbox is made in China with some assembly work here, last time I checked.

    1. Thanks Neil,

      We have focussed on consumer goods, rather than hardware – but one look around your local hardware store will tell you where most of it comes from.


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