Watch out for familiar “Name” brands which are now Chinese owned, such as Morphy Richards and Russell Hobbs. Lots of alternatives from Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries – also Australia.

Westinghouse (Owned by Electrolux)

Made in Australia, Europe, S.E. Asia, Thailand, Turkey and China – CHECK THE BOX.


Major company with plants in South Korea, India, Mexico, Poland, Indonesia and Russia. Low-cost products made in China, otherwise US, Sth Korea etc – CHECK THE BOX.

Sharp (majority owned by Foxconn, Taiwan)

Moving out of appliances and into high-end devices.


Made in Japan, Asia, Europe and the Americas.


Some products made in China, but also Sth Korea, Sweden, Sth Africa, US, Thailand and Vietnam CHECK THE BOX.

Ariston (Owned by Whirlpool)

Very coy about where their products are made – CHECK THE BOX.


Struggling to survive. Chinese company Midea own 80% of their Home Appliance Group.


Well respected company. Products still designed and engineered in Australia, but mostly made in China.

Made In China

Morphy Richards


Designed in Australia.

Russell Hobbs

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