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Mobile Phones


Made in Taiwan.


High-end phones such as Xperia 1 MkII, Xperia 5 MkII and Xperia XZ3 made in Japan. Closed its smartphone plant in Beijing in 2019 and moved production to Thailand, reportedly due to disappointing sales and rising costs. Their regional executives have been moved from Hong Kong to Singapore.


Asus ROG 3 made in Taiwan; also manufacture in India.


Made in India.


Made in South Korea, especially high-end products such as G8X Thin Q, V60 Thin Q, Stylo 5 and Stylo 6. Some outsourcing from China, like many other manufacturers, but announced in 2018 that their smart phone manufacturing would be moved to Vietnam.


Shut down its remaining Chinese smartphone factory in 2019, reportedly turning the city into a ghost town. They ceased PC production in China and moved operations to Vietnam. Some products made in Sth Korea such as S10, Galaxy S20 Series, M31 and Note 10 Lite; also some made in India.


Made in various locations, including China. Nokia 8.1 made in India.


Some production in India, but the bulk of Apple’s manufacturing remains in China. They have been encouraging suppliers such as Foxconn, Delta Electronics and Pegatron to move up to 30% of iPhone production out. Foxconn is investing up to $1 billion to expand a plant in India, while other contractors are setting up in Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. iPhone 11 not Made In China. (Source: Nikkei).


Some production in India, but mainly China.


Some production in India, but mainly China.

Made in China




Motorola (Owned by China’s Lenovo)

Some products made in India such as Moto G Series, but mainly China.

Google Pixel

Reportedly purchased a factory in Vietnam, but still believed to be manufacturing in China – please correct us if we’re wrong.



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