Vacuum Cleaners

Lots of brands, including some surprises like Hoover and Lenoxx now Made In China, but plenty of alternatives made In Europe, Asia and Australia.


Owns AEG, Westinghouse, Chef, Euromaid and Dishlex. Many products made at their Adelaide “kitchen” plant – CHECK THE BOX.


Mainly made in Germany, but some vacuum cleaners made in China.


Major company with plants in South Korea, India, Mexico, Poland, Indonesia and Russia. Low-cost products made in China, otherwise US, Sth Korea etc – CHECK THE BOX.


Like most worldwide brands, parts, assembly etc can be almost anywhere – CHECK THE BOX.


Some products made in China, but also Sth Korea, Sweden, Sth Africa, US, Thailand and Vietnam – CHECK THE BOX.


Made in China and Malaysia.

Made In China

Midea. Chinese company, marketing under their own name; also Esatto and Seiki.

Hoover (Owned by Haier)

VAX (Owned by China’s Techtronic)
Originally made in UK.


Entire Domestic Products Division recently sold to Hillhouse Capital, based in Beijing.



Smith + Nobel


3 thoughts on “Vacuum Cleaners”

  1. Love this website, I have made it my life’s ambition not to buy “MADE IN CHINA” goods! It is sometime very difficult, but I would rather do without than prop up China’s economy!
    Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  2. This information is excellent but needs more detail.
    It’s difficult to keep up with multinational company decisions but by doing so, and advertising the importance of this to consumers, is a good way to get their attention and stop feeding the dragon.

    1. Thanks Bob,
      Not easy to find more detail – these guys are clamming up left right and centre. We are adding more detail as we find it.

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